surprise!!! happy birthday… to me??



I have probably never felt this special in my life…

I’m pretty delayed in sharing this, sorry. But, I had too much work to do before getting around to these images. Here’s what happened in August! :)

I knew that mine and Omar’s birthday had been fast approaching and I really hadn’t been thinking of my own birthday. August was actually very very busy for me with work and I kept thinking about Omar’s birthday and what he wanted to do. Last year I surprised him with a little trip to Disneyland with some friends that we hadn’t seen in a while and he loved it.  And…to be fair, it is extremely hard for me to keep surprises from him… REALLY hard. So this year… I knew I couldn’t plan ahead… because the sooner I planned ahead, the more likely I’d spill the beans. So, I waited until closer to his birthday and planned a little surprise dinner with a bunch of friends. So… this pretty much helped Omar with the little surprise he was hiding from me. Funny thing is, I actually picked up on some funny business early on and in my head I thought “oooh!!! maybe he’s planning something” and quickly got excited. But, then I wasn’t so sure. His birthday came and I was talking to his sister to make sure my surprise was kept well from him. I had even noticed him being strange when I saw him on his birthday. I ignored it  because I had to hide something to give to his sister for his own birthday dinner and I felt like I looked super suspicious. Which… covered his suspiciousness haha.

He told me he had something special planned for my birthday and that we would go out the Friday before my birthday. Omar knows me so well… and he knows that I am keen on little changes and when he’s acting strange. So, he covered all his bases. ALL of them. I for sure thought that the big surprise was coming on Friday…. and that’s exactly what he wanted me to think. Friday came and we had an amazing evening just the two of us. I felt super special… but not going to lie… I kept expecting some other surprise. Then, by the end of the night he had convinced me my birthday celebration was all over. On Sunday he made me think I had to dress up again, and then after church we hung out and waited to go to lunch… we had to meet Nelson & Annette at their house. Perfectly normal to me. Then…Nelson said, “I want to show you guys something in the backyard..” the doors open and a HUGE group of people yelled “SURPRISE!!”  At first I was so shocked…then I started to cry… and then… it ended with uncontrollable laughter. Omar had planned everything sooo meticulously and had been stressing over it for months earlier. I immediately noticed that my favorite songs were playing over the sound system through out the party… and all sorts of my favorite things were scattered around too. I really couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the MASSIVE Canon 5D mk II piñata that Omar, with the help of his mom made me. Ridiculous. There was no way I was going to hit that. Omar remembered that I had never had a piñata before, so he made me one from scratch. He’s ridiculously good at details… and it’s now my favorite camera :) So many people helped make this party happen so perfectly. It’s usually hard to keep surprises from me… so this was super amazing. Complete with games like “Erin bingo” by the amazing Veronica Sanchez (the yummiest cupcakes, by the way, were made by Veronica too), and a competition quiz on everything Erin, oh and to top it off, my amazing brother got me John Legend concert tickets tthat night.  I ended the night listening to the wonderful sounds of John Legend and Sade. I really felt so blessed to have all the special people in my life all in one place just to celebrate my birthday.

I’ve never had a party like this in my life… and like I said, I’ve never felt so special… A big Thank you to everyone who was involved and came out!! :)  and especially the mastermind behind it all <3 Omar :)

It was a little weird not taking pictures, but thanks to my mom, I have evidence that this day happened. :) Enjoy!


We forgot to take a big picture of everyone at the beginning, so not everyone was still there to be in this picture :/ But it's still a great picture! :)

Press “FS” to see them bigger :)

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  • Vanessa N. Benavidez - OMG the pics of your entrance are priceless! How thoughtful of Omar.. Glad you had a great celebration. :o)

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