fashionista frenzy // part 1


Occasionally… I get this kind of inspiration that just tugs at my heart… and occasionally… I make time to execute it. and….occasionally…. I LOVE them. and can’t wait to share them.

Jennifer is my muse…and we actually tend to have the same style… even when things turn edgy! :) Had amazing hair/makeup by Tina too…I decided to post in waves because there were so many directions I went in. This is the first wave of fashion photos. There are a couple more stunning models on the way too. But, feel free to enjoy these while you wait. Fashion…LOVE it. So much fun, and so much excitement trying to edit these images and pick all my faves in just the perfect way to show them off. :)

It was a long day… and I was running on fumes by the end of the night, but everyone was so fun to work with and I had a blast! I love photographing lovely ladies and showing them in all their beauty! Everything came out exactly how I envisioned it!!

I double dog dare you to look at everything she’s wearing and NOT want to buy it…. go on. I dare ya. I want to buy all of it.

I want to OWN this outfit..... everything. the shoes. ah. You make everything look good.

this one is one of my faves!!

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