happy veterans day!

In honor of Veteran’s Day (and my secret fascination with Sponge Bob?), I thought I’d blog a military wedding I had the pleasure of second shooting for. It was a great time shooting for Erich Chen. And… such a memorable one, not only because this couple is super sweet, but because their reception had me laughing uncontrollably. I think maybe Erich thought I was having trouble breathing. I still insist Omar recreate the dance for me just so I can laugh all over again. Loved the games they played and the contest with Michael Jackson and Nsync songs. Priceless.

You may notice that I edited more classically. I just thought this occasion called for it :) Plus I love a fresh, modern, classic look too.

And, of course a big Thank You and Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who serve our country so honorably. My papa and many family members are included in that. The airforce brat that I am, (less emphasis on the brat part of course… haha!) I have always held this honor dear to my heart. I’m proud of my dad for serving in the military ever since he was drafted into the army straight out of high school during Vietnam, and then choosing to join the airforce. He served 33 years in the airforce and retired not too long ago as a Senior Master Sergeant.

Here’s to the blessing of having these men and women serve protect our freedom. Past, present, and future.

About right HERE was when I couldn't stop laughing. This guy was so funny!

Dancing to win!

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