Hello everyone! Just thought I’d update you with a little news :)

Terry & Joey’s lovely wedding was published on The Bridel Suite’s Wedding blog! Take a look and enjoy! :) And stay tuned for another one of my weddings blogged on Style Me Pretty in March! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE… P.S.. Happy Late Valentine’s Day… sorry for the delay… but I was celebrating ;)


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So if you were at Kristin & Joe’s Wedding… you would have noticed that I had several cameras around my tiny neck :P To catch a more realistic vintage effect I wanted to have some fun with my film cameras (as super old nikon & a holga).  I was especially excited to use my holga! Here are the final film edits I’ll be showing of the wedding. These are straight out of the camera…negatives conveniently scanned and turned into jpgs. I just love technology that allows me to scan my own negatives into the computer!!

as you can see... I feel ridiculous with my variety of cameras... 2 film cameras (1 holga..its awesome) and of course 1 digital... :) Thanks Emily for capturing this crazy girl's ambition...

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