Prepare For A Memorable Sleepover Party At Your House in Uk By Consumer Reports

Party at your own house is super fun, right? But it is even better when the party lasts overnight. You and your friends will have so many things to do. It would be surely a memorable night!

Are you eager to make a sleepover party? It is really simple to organize. All you need is lots of creative ideas. Don’t have any good ideas? No problem, we will help you with that.

Ideas For A Sleepover Party

You don’t have to wait any longer, let us go through some good ideas for a memorable sleepover party!

A Guest List

Firstly, you have to list out your guests. Do not think that this process is unnecessary. In fact, this is the most important thing to do if you want to create a memorable night.

The guests should be your family members or your closest friends. Why should you only invite them? The reason is that the size of your bedroom may not be big enough to hold so many people. Besides, when there are so many people in a room, it will be hard for you to find a general topic. As a result, the party can turn into a nightmare with everyone speaking different topics.

Party Arrangement

You don’t want to have a boring sleepover party, right? Then you should fill the party with these cool activities, costumes, music, games and more!

Make Pillow Fight

One of the most common activities at a sleepover party is a pillow fight. To join this cool battle, you use one or two pillows as your weapons and start fighting with your friends. This battle is safe because pillows create no damage to the body. You can make it more exciting by pairing up in teams or just simply fight all it up. 

Besides, you should choose a suitable pillow type for the battle. Different pillows materials will make different types of pillows. For example, a foam pillow is heavy, not suitable for a battle. Keep in mind that a pillow used for pillow fight should be light and soft. In this case, feather pillows are recommended.

Pajamas Preparation

It is uncomfortable to move or sleep while wearing jeans or jacket, isn’t it? You should tell your friends to bring pajamas with them when they come to your house. Pajamas are so comfortable that you can move easily to participate in all the activities at the party.

If you often have sleepover parties with your friends, you guys can design your own uniform pajamas. Uniform pajamas will strengthen the bond of friendship and make all of you closer together.


Music helps in boosting up the party mood. You can either sing together or play music in the background. The music should base on the favorite genres of all people in the room.

Remember one thing that your party is held at night. So do not turn the music too loud. It may annoy not only members in your house but also your neighbors. They have had a tiring day and need to sleep. If you ruin their sleep, they may ruin your party.

Room Decorations

A beautiful room will make the party more interesting. No one wants to enjoy a party in such a messy and dull-looking room. Therefore, you should decorate your room based on your favorite concept that even your friends love it too.

To make your room lovelier, you can decorate it with many twinkle blinkers. You can build indoor tents, make a table full of snacks on, prepare some entertainment devices… 

The Sleepy Center even suggests building a pillow fort. A pillow fort is a cool stuff that you and your friends can build together. What can be better than having a kingdom of best friends, right?

Entertainment At A Sleepover Party

A sleepover party will become a failure under the impact and interference of mobile phones. Why is that? It will keep everyone apart and not bring any memorable moments whatsoever.

Instead of surfing the Internet, try some of these activities:


Watching a favorite movie together and talk about it is fun, isn’t it? Find a movie about an hour long and enjoy it with your friends. And of course, do not forget popcorn and soft drinks.

Photo Props

Do not forget to save this memorable moment! Besides the camera, you can prepare a few props and accessories for more vivid photos such as feather boas, hair accessories, hats, tiaras, and so on.

Board Games

board games are ideal to connect many people together. As a host, you can create a fun and cozy atmosphere with everyone. Some very interesting board games you can play at your party like UNO, Exploding kittens, Love letter, Werewolf, Folds high, and so on.

Food Is Necessary

A sleepover party without food is unhappy. So, remember to prepare some food for you and your friends. An indispensable dish in sleep parties is pizza. You can order online and have them delivered, or more interestingly, do it yourself and eat with friends. Besides, the food that is favored most by children is a chocolate fountain with some fruits and marshmallows. Then start enjoying it!

However, you should remember to prepare breakfast for the next day. Breakfast including milk and cereal will provide you all with healthy nutrients and energy after a night full of fast food.


All these ideas are now yours. With them, you can throw up  a good sleepover party. Let’s call your friends and ask them to come over.

We hope that you guys will have an unforgettable night.  Please tell us about your wonderful party in the comment below!

Thanks for reading!

Common Navien Tankless Water Heater Problems And Solution By Consumer Reports

Navien tankless water heater is one of the latest products from Navien. This high-tech water heater is a reasonable choice to reduce electricity bills – many users reported.

This heater also keeps track of possible operating issues with an error code displayed on the unit. Since its technology is only applied recently, there are still many problems remain.

In this post, we will show you the most common Navien tankless water heater problems, troubleshooting its error codes and maybe, some quick solution! Without further ado, let’s go!

Common Problems

#1. No water coming out although the tap was opened

This is not usually what happened, but if there is no water coming out, then you should go check your pipe valves and water inlet filter.

The power valves could be shut off earlier. Besides, the filter could also be clogged by dust or unusual stuff from the water supply.

#2. Water stays cold

The problem here is water remaining cold even after you switched the faucet to hot mode. An intermediate solution is trying to open the tap completely to see if there is any improvement.

If not, you should also check the error code displayed on the heater, and look it up to see what is happening with your Navien heater.

#3. Water is not hot enough

In case water took forever to warm up, you could see if you accidentally set the heater at low temperature or not.

One other possibility is that there is a problem with your recirculation mode. In this case, you’d better have a contractor come to check the heater for you!

#4. Water is too hot

Generally, this happens because users have set the temperature too high. Try lower temperatures; it also benefits your electricity bill!

#5. Other minor problems

For any other strange, unusual or potentially dangerous, you’d better shut water heater off, then call for help from the technical support.

Troubleshooting and Solution

The Navien tankless water heater comes with a remote to keep track of what is going on with your heater and display the error code. Each error code leads to different operating problems so that users can quickly fix the heater themselves.

Control Board Failure

#E046 issues

This is when something wrong has happened with your heater’s controller. You’d better call the professionals! These numbers show that there is misbehaviour with your limit control, and that is not what you should mess with!

Flow Sensor Issues

#E060 issues

If you have no ideas on how to clean the venturi or fix the flow sensor, you should call the technical support for help.

#E434, E438, and E439 issues

Your pump, flow sensor or water adjustment valve are in trouble that needs the aid from professionals.

Heat Exchanger Breakdown

#E012 issues

A flame loss in this E012 case requires you to clean the air intake filter. Look up in the manual guide for how to clean it. There could also be connectivity problems, so make sure that your cord is grounded properly.

#E016 and E030 issues

This code displays an overheated heat exchanger problem. This could affect your heater’s durability. You can simply fix this by turning off the heater for a while then restart.

#E047 issues

Call the tech guys because your exhaust thermostat is wrong somewhere.

#E109 and E110 issues

There are problems with your heater’s fan and air pressure system. The solution is the same as for issue E012 that you should clean the air intake filter.

#E407, E421, and E432 issues

These are short-circuited problems, which are the real serious ones that you should call for tech support.

Man-made problems

#E003 issues

This is an ignition failure. Check if you had opened the gas supply valve or not.

Important note

Remember to turn off the electricity or unplug the water heater before touching it. It runs with electricity, so you need to be careful all the time to avoid terrible electric shock.

Final Words

Have you figured out what your error code is and how to fix it yet?

Well, if you haven’t, then your error code might not be here (since we do not list out all the possible code) and you should call for tech support. Navien tankless water heater problems are sometimes hard to comprehend, not to mention fix the heater on your own.

If you have any problems with your Navien heater, feel free to ask in the comment section! See in later posts!


Best Whirlpool Tubs For Two Reviews 2020 By Consumer Reports

Whirlpool bathtubs are topping the chart on the market because of the luxurious spa-like experience they offer. These bathtubs would give you a royal spa-treatment and make you look forward to a long soak after each day’s work.

Whirlpool bathtubs are of different types on the market, so getting the best might not come off quickly because you would have to scrutinize each you come across and believe me carefully, which can be a tedious and tiring task.

3 Best Whirlpool Bathtubs

Woodbridge b-0030/bts1606 67″ x 32″ Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub

This freestanding bathtub is one of its kind. Elegant, stunning, and shiny, it is a full package of luxury and relaxation. It is constructed with 100% high gloss white Lucite Acrylic and reinforced with Ashland resin and fiberglass for durability.

It also features ten body massage jets and ten whirlpool bubble bath jets. These jets all work together to release powerful pressure of water, which will massage every part of your body. One unique feature peculiar to this whirlpool bathtub is its air massage, which helps to relieve pain, increase oxygen and blood flow.


  • Premium material with classy design
  • Features 20 powerful jets
  • Sturdy, spacious and deep
  • Gives air massage
  • Equipped with anti-leak design drain and pipe system
  • Easy to install
  • 5-year limited warranty on bathtub surface and structural
  • 1-year limited warranty on plumbing parts


  • Minor draining issues have been noted

52″ x 28″ Petite Massage Whirlpool Walk-In Tub

This acrylic bathtub is one of the best on the market. Constructed with high-quality acrylic and reinforced with gel-coat fiberglass, it exudes all the durability needed to serve you for a lifetime. It is specially designed for people with disabilities to conveniently use.

For safety, the floor is slip-resistant. It has a swing-in door and a low step-in threshold. The door has a 3-latch lock system and is made of Stainless Steel and tempered glass. Designed with 14 hydrotherapy jets, be ready to have a spa-like showering experience.

To enjoy a prolonged bath, there is a wide backrest provided to make you relax comfortably. The in-heater maintains water temperature while the thermostatic control valve regulates the flow of hot and cold water, so you don’t get scalded.


  • Glossy, lush and durable
  • Features in-heater and control valve
  • Has slip-resistant floor and grab bars
  • Equipped with 14 hydrotherapy massage jets
  • Features detachable backrest and drains
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the door, frame, and shell.
  • 5-year parts warranty


  • Not designed for everyone

American Standard 7236VC.020 Evolution Deep Soak Whirlpool Bath Tub

This is another fantastic model of the whirlpool bathtub. It is constructed with the best tubs material – acrylic – and reinforced with fiberglass for durability. Say bye to bathtubs that do not sit balanced on the floor; this one is designed with a pre-leveled bottom that balances evenly on the floor.

One other fantastic feature this bathtub has is its armrest. Molded into the design of this bathtub are two sturdy armrests that come handy when having a long hot soak. Maintaining this bathtub is super easy as it has been equipped with an EverClean system.


  • Beautiful and classy
  • Strong Molded-in armrests
  • Side-mounted air switch on/off
  • Equipped with a powerful hydro-massage system
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • T-heater has to be ordered separately

Best Whirlpool Bathtubs – Buying guide

When purchasing a whirlpool bathtub, these are the things you should consider

Bathtub Material

Whirlpool bathtubs come in different materials. Some are made from cast iron (durable, heavy, expensive, scratch-resistant but rusts) some fiberglass (lightweight, easy to install, less costly but not very durable) and others acrylic (attractive finishing, lightweight, easy to clean but scratches easily). Each of these materials has its uniqueness, pros, and cons. Please get to know them and decide which to go for.

Bathtub Weight/Shower floor

Whirlpool bathtubs are heavy when filled with water. A typical whirlpool bathtub full of water can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds, which some floors like wood joist construction might not be able to bear. However, it’s a good purchase if your shower has a slab foundation.

Bathtub size/Available Space

Whirlpool bathtubs vary in size and shape. Ensure your bathroom has enough space to accommodate the tub you’re buying.

The 4 Best Hot Tub Vacuum Canada By Consumer Reports

Unlike the swimming pools, the hot tub is often given little or no attention when it comes to cleaning it. Most of the time, dirt and debris always find their way inside the tub, even if the tub is covered. This is why you often sit in a green sea of algae while you bath in this tub.

However, to clean this unit, hot tub vacuum is a perfect choice for you. There are hundreds of thousands of hot tub vacuum on the shelves today. So, it can be a bit tricky to get the best model.

Here is a list of the best hot tub vacuum for you to pick from!

Top 1- Aura 6250 Power Spa Paradise

On our list for the best hot tub vacuum is Aura 6250 Power Spa Paradise. This vacuum from Aura is designed with your needs in mind. It helps you clean your hot tub with ease and convenience.

Unlike other hot tub vacuums on the market today, this product is a non-powered version and comes with no water hook, pumps, and batteries. Since this aluminum telescopic pole can extend up to 7 feet, you will be able to remove dirt and debris from every part of the tub. To eliminate particles such as pennies, rocks, and marbles, the vacuum has a super fine net.

Apart from the fact that the product will help you clean hot tub, it is also an ideal one for small kid’s pools, fountains, and among others.

Top 2 – PoolSupplyTown Pool Spa Jacuzzi Pond Mini Jet Vac Vacuum Cleaner

Another hot tub vacuum that you would love to purchase is this model from PoolSupplyTown. The vacuum does not help to remove dirt and debris. It also picks up leaves from the tub. This product is durable, as well as efficient.

However, to operate the vacuum, you have to connect it to your water hose with the water pressure. This helps it swallow the dirt and pick up leaves into its collection bag. For users using the vacuum for the first time, setting it up might be a bit difficult.

Thus, all you need to do is to connect the vacuum with a garden hose. After that, place it into the hot tub and put it on the hose.

Top 3 – Polaris 5-100-00 Hot Tub Vacuum

For users who are in search of a manual spa vacuum, this is the unit you are looking for! Unlike other products, this model is cordless and easy to use.

The vacuum manually pulls out all dirt, debris, and leaves in the filer. This is done using the pumping action that comes with the unit. It works perfectly with any hot tub.

With this unit, you don’t need any power, battery, hose, or any other tools. Likewise, it is constructed to leave no room for pole as the pump is long enough to reach deep into the tub.

Top 4 – Water Tech Pool Blaster Catfish Li pool & Spa Cleaner

For users who are in search of a lightweight hot tub vacuum, this model is what you are looking for. What makes it unique is that it is easy to use at the same time stretch to every nooks and corner of the tub.

Meanwhile, it is fast as well as efficient and can clean 33 gallons of water in a short time. With this vacuum, you don’t need to purchase a hose or an additional pump.

Likewise, it has a rechargeable battery that can be used for 45 minutes or more. It removes dirt, debris, and algae in a short time.

4 Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets Canada By Consumer Reports

Touchless kitchen faucets are one of the safest units to use, since you don’t need to touch them, your chances of spreading bacteria or other microorganisms to the water source is attenuated.

These units are convenient to use in any kitchen. They are a perfect choice to complete your kitchen décor.

With a plethora of touchless kitchen faucets on the market today, it is a bit tricky to get the best product.

Here is a list of the best touchless kitchen faucet.

Top 1- Delta Faucet Leland Single—Handle Sink Faucet

On our list for the best touchless kitchen faucet is this model from Delta. The unit is very convenient to use. When your hand is dirty, you only need to use your wrist or forearm to touch the spout.

Immediately, the faucet will turn on or off automatically. As a matter of fact, this model has a sensor system that is smart enough to differentiate between a grab to pivot the spray head and a quick touch. When there is no contact with the faucet after 4 minutes, the unit will automatically turn off.

The faucet will not turn on or off on accidental activations and wastage. The LED indicator does not only show when need to change the batteries but also to know when the water temperature is too hot or too cold.

See Also: Best Kitchen Faucets Consumer Reports

Top 2- Moen Arbor 7594ESRS Kitchen Faucet

When it comes to the production of unique motion sensor faucets, Moen is one of the best brands on the shelves. This model has a beautiful, timeless design that enhances any kitchen décor.

Moen Arbor 7594ESRS kitchen faucet comes with a MotionSense ready sensor that is installed near the root of the faucet. Whenever a hand or pot is noticed under the tap, the faucet will turn the water on.

Whereas, as you pull away from your hands, the faucet immediately turns off. Unlike other units, this faucet is a double-sensor version. It has one extra wave sensor on its neck where you can adjust the flow with just waving your hands.

The faucet is resistant to corrosion, rust, and watermarks as it is made of metal coated with a shiny spot resist stainless steel finish.

Top 3- Moen 5923EWSRS Align Motionsense Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This model is a perfect choice for users who are a fan of industrial design. No matter how long you use the faucet, it will not wear, rust or fade easily. It comes with a spot-resistance stainless finish, which makes it durable and sturdy. The pull-down spout is so convenient that your little kids can efficiently operate it.

Also, you can easily clean your dishes efficiently as this faucet has an extendable spout. Meanwhile, the faucet is particularly sensitive, and you should avoid placing items beside it. The product is water-efficient and eco-friendly, with a water flow rate of 1.5GPM.

Top 4- Kohler K-72218-VS Sensate Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Kohler is one of the most reliable brands in the industry, and this faucet is a unique model. It has a smooth finish from head to base. The faucet comes in 4 different elegant shades, which include vibrant stainless with black accents, vibrant stainless, polished chrome with black accents, and polished chrome. It features patented MasterClean Surface, which is resistant to rust, corrosion, and dirt.

According to several users, this model from Kohler is one of the fastest motion sensor faucets on the market today. It responds to motion within only 20 milliseconds. With just placing your hands under the faucet, the water comes out immediately.

Best Oil-Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucets Canada By Consumer Reports

Making your kitchen look chic and classy goes beyond installing standard tiles or hanging up beautiful curtains. One of the main kitchen equipment which can add grandeur to the appearance of a kitchen is a kitchen faucet.

Not just any kind of kitchen faucet, but a topnotch oil-rubbed bronze one

Of course, there are several kitchen faucets on the market, but some are rated highly above others.

Here are 4 of these top-rated kitchen faucets:

Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet

This is a beautiful and classy bronze faucet for kitchen sinks. If you have been having trouble trying to find the perfect faucet that would match your kitchen decor, I can tell you you just hit the jackpot. This virtually matches all kitchen sinks.

This product resists stain and stays sleek for a very long time. With the high arc 360-degree swivel spout and head sprayer, you have full range washing access. It also comes with every necessary accessory for installation – which is a fast and straightforward process.


  • Sleek and classy
  • Features 360-degree spout, pull-out spout, and two function head sprayer
  • 90-day return guarantee
  • Lifetime parts replacement warranty


  • Instructions on main hose connections are wrong.

SHACO Antique Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Oil Rubbed Bronze Kitchen Faucet.

This is another fantastic oil-rubbed bronze faucet that will give your kitchen an elegant look. The package includes a kitchen faucet, two supply hoses, two half inches adapter, installation instructions, and installation hardware. The provided hoses are long enough to make usage convenient and prevent spilling water on the countertop.

With its 360 degrees rotating spout designed with numerous nozzles, you will have access to every corner of the sink. The two faucet heads are designed to release water in rainfall or stream-like manner.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Durable quality
  • The dual-functional faucet head


  • No warranty

GICASA Solid Brass Commercial Style Faucet, Single Handle Pause Function, Pull Out Sprayer Kitchen Faucet.

This is a high-quality oil-rubbed bronze kitchen faucet made with durable materials. It is designed with a lead-free brass and given a rust-resistant finish. Despite its sophisticated design, it is effortless to install and operate. A single lever does the job of supplying water and controlling temperature.

The faucet head features a stream and spray function, including a pause function. The spout rotates 360 degrees for easy access to all corners of the sink. It might interest you to know that this faucet is designed to supply hot and cold water.


  • High-quality materials
  • Durable and efficient
  • Supplies both cold and hot water
  • 360-degree spout


  • Has just one faucet head
  • No warranty

Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

The Delta Faucet is one you will fall in love at first sight. Everything about it is just so unique and classy. From the materials used to its creative design and down to its second-to-none performance, your kitchen would be a center of attraction to your guests.

It uses a MagneTite docking technology to make your kitchen sprayer stay put, so it does not droop. The sprayer releases high pressure of water that cuts through stubborn messes. Its installation is super easy; everything you need for this process comes with the package.


  • Stunning and posh design
  • Lifetime durability
  • MagneTite docking technology
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Features just one faucet head


In as much as these faucets have been proven to be classy, highly durable, and efficient, it is important that you should maintain them if you really want to enjoy the beauty and excellent performance for a lifetime.

How To Replace And Install A Kitchen Faucet By Consumer Reports

Removing an old kitchen faucet is one of the most challenging processes when trying to replace them. You should always expect it to spell troubles at some point in time – poor access to fittings, hard-to-reach nuts, corroded pipes, just to mention a few. Otherwise, how to install a kitchen faucet would not be an easy, hassle-free task.

More so, installing a new faucet will only require you to follow the instructions in the included manual to get the job done. In the absence of unforeseen issues, you could be done in a couple of hours.

Therefore, this article provides all the necessary replacement steps and how to handle most challenges often experienced when replacing a kitchen faucet. Thus, ensuring you are done and washing up under your faucet.

How to replace a kitchen faucet

Tools needed:

Here are the basic tools you’ll find handy when replacing and installing a kitchen faucet:

Basic wrench, flashlight, new faucet, rags, bowls/Tupperware, new supply lines (provided it does not come with the new faucet), work light or camping lantern, and a putty knife.

Note: the basic wrench with a long handle is the most helpful in this process.

Where do you start from?

Before purchasing a new kitchen faucet, examine your old faucet and determine how difficult working on this one will be. Also, poke your head under your unit and with the aid of flashlight size up the sink underside to have an idea of what you are dealing with.

Obviously, the most imperative process of installing a new faucet is loosening the old nuts holding the unit in place. If those nuts are corroded, then you should assume that loosening them will be challenging. Here’s where you find a long-handle basin handy in budging them.

Also, do not forget to have a stock of your faucet. If you are heading to a home-improvement or hardware store, then take a picture of your basin and faucet to show the salesperson. He/she will provide you with a faucet that will work correctly with your existing sink.

While most new faucet comes with an already-connected new supply line, it’s advised that you know the dimensions of your supply lines. In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to reuse your existing supply lines. The best option is replacing the old ones with new ones.

In case your new faucet does not come with new supply lines connected to it; then you should consider purchasing new ones, and measuring your old ones ahead of time will save you from stress.

Step-by-step guide for replacing a faucet

Before starting with anything, the first thing to do is to read the instructions carefully and thoroughly. Next, ensure that everything under the sink is cleared out and cleaned, and get 1 – 2 good-sized Tupperware or bowls to avoid water dripping all over the place. Also, you’ll need rags to be safe when disconnecting supply lines.

Most importantly, turn off the shut-off valves before loosening the existing nuts or removing the old faucets. Further, the workspace needs to be well lit, and, as such, have work light or camping lantern handy under the sink. Well-lit workspace makes replacing and installing a kitchen faucet easier and less messy.

Step 1 – unhinge the nuts of the existing faucet using the basin wrench. You can also use a putty knife to break your faucet free. Be careful and patient, so you don’t end up scratching your sink.

Step 2 – follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to install your new kitchen faucet.

Step 3 – use the basin wrench to tighten the nuts. However, ensure you don’t make the nuts too tight to avoid dealing with plumbing issues down the line. Most people often tend to twist too hard t make the nuts tighter, thinking it for better sadly, it’s always counterproductive.

Step 4 – After you are done with fitting all parts together, wipe down all the pipes and tubes under the sink with a rag. Once you’re sure they are dried, turn on the shut-off valve and allow the water to run full blast. Experts also suggest that you remove the aerator from the head of the faucet to allow sediment accumulated in your pipe flushed out. After a while, replace the aerator (don’t forget to turn the water off).