Prepare For A Memorable Sleepover Party At Your House in Uk By Consumer Reports

Party at your own house is super fun, right? But it is even better when the party lasts overnight. You and your friends will have so many things to do. It would be surely a memorable night!

Are you eager to make a sleepover party? It is really simple to organize. All you need is lots of creative ideas. Don’t have any good ideas? No problem, we will help you with that.

Ideas For A Sleepover Party

You don’t have to wait any longer, let us go through some good ideas for a memorable sleepover party!

A Guest List

Firstly, you have to list out your guests. Do not think that this process is unnecessary. In fact, this is the most important thing to do if you want to create a memorable night.

The guests should be your family members or your closest friends. Why should you only invite them? The reason is that the size of your bedroom may not be big enough to hold so many people. Besides, when there are so many people in a room, it will be hard for you to find a general topic. As a result, the party can turn into a nightmare with everyone speaking different topics.

Party Arrangement

You don’t want to have a boring sleepover party, right? Then you should fill the party with these cool activities, costumes, music, games and more!

Make Pillow Fight

One of the most common activities at a sleepover party is a pillow fight. To join this cool battle, you use one or two pillows as your weapons and start fighting with your friends. This battle is safe because pillows create no damage to the body. You can make it more exciting by pairing up in teams or just simply fight all it up. 

Besides, you should choose a suitable pillow type for the battle. Different pillows materials will make different types of pillows. For example, a foam pillow is heavy, not suitable for a battle. Keep in mind that a pillow used for pillow fight should be light and soft. In this case, feather pillows are recommended.

Pajamas Preparation

It is uncomfortable to move or sleep while wearing jeans or jacket, isn’t it? You should tell your friends to bring pajamas with them when they come to your house. Pajamas are so comfortable that you can move easily to participate in all the activities at the party.

If you often have sleepover parties with your friends, you guys can design your own uniform pajamas. Uniform pajamas will strengthen the bond of friendship and make all of you closer together.


Music helps in boosting up the party mood. You can either sing together or play music in the background. The music should base on the favorite genres of all people in the room.

Remember one thing that your party is held at night. So do not turn the music too loud. It may annoy not only members in your house but also your neighbors. They have had a tiring day and need to sleep. If you ruin their sleep, they may ruin your party.

Room Decorations

A beautiful room will make the party more interesting. No one wants to enjoy a party in such a messy and dull-looking room. Therefore, you should decorate your room based on your favorite concept that even your friends love it too.

To make your room lovelier, you can decorate it with many twinkle blinkers. You can build indoor tents, make a table full of snacks on, prepare some entertainment devices… 

The Sleepy Center even suggests building a pillow fort. A pillow fort is a cool stuff that you and your friends can build together. What can be better than having a kingdom of best friends, right?

Entertainment At A Sleepover Party

A sleepover party will become a failure under the impact and interference of mobile phones. Why is that? It will keep everyone apart and not bring any memorable moments whatsoever.

Instead of surfing the Internet, try some of these activities:


Watching a favorite movie together and talk about it is fun, isn’t it? Find a movie about an hour long and enjoy it with your friends. And of course, do not forget popcorn and soft drinks.

Photo Props

Do not forget to save this memorable moment! Besides the camera, you can prepare a few props and accessories for more vivid photos such as feather boas, hair accessories, hats, tiaras, and so on.

Board Games

board games are ideal to connect many people together. As a host, you can create a fun and cozy atmosphere with everyone. Some very interesting board games you can play at your party like UNO, Exploding kittens, Love letter, Werewolf, Folds high, and so on.

Food Is Necessary

A sleepover party without food is unhappy. So, remember to prepare some food for you and your friends. An indispensable dish in sleep parties is pizza. You can order online and have them delivered, or more interestingly, do it yourself and eat with friends. Besides, the food that is favored most by children is a chocolate fountain with some fruits and marshmallows. Then start enjoying it!

However, you should remember to prepare breakfast for the next day. Breakfast including milk and cereal will provide you all with healthy nutrients and energy after a night full of fast food.


All these ideas are now yours. With them, you can throw up  a good sleepover party. Let’s call your friends and ask them to come over.

We hope that you guys will have an unforgettable night.  Please tell us about your wonderful party in the comment below!

Thanks for reading!